Point Township Fire Department


Professional Volunteers

The Point Township Fire Department provides 24/7/365 services to the residents of Point Township and surrounding communities. The Department is stationed at two different companies, ‘Point Township Fire Company’ and ‘Tuckahoe Fire Company’. Remarkably, these trained professionals are VOLUNTEERS and respond to calls any time of day or night. A wide range of calls can include helping a resident with a flooded basement all the way to critical rescues of people from burning buildings. The ‘FD’ also responds to motor vehicle accidents and medical calls. Their skills range from fire fighting to vehicle extrication to helping calm a family at the scene of a fire…and so much more. Remember to thank your volunteers!

Point Township Fire Company

Formed in 1952 - The Point Township Fire Company is located at 738 Old Danville Highway and is the primary dispatched unit for the east end of Point Township.

Tuckahoe Fire Company

Formed in 1957 - The Tuckahoe Fire Company is located at 875 Cannery Road and is the primary dispatched unit for the west end of Point Township.

Fire Department Donations

The 'FD' is always in need of financial contributions to maintain a wide array of equipment.  Donations both large and small help keep these vital services in place.  Please donate today by contacting the Township at (570) 473-3198!

Volunteers Needed


Point Township Fire Department and Fire Police are in desperate need of volunteers.

The legacy of these organizations dates back to the 1950s. Ever since then they have been providing a critical and necessary service to township residents. But these services are at risk of ending. Because the township must provide these services to the residents it is vital that we maintain this volunteer spirit and service. The alternative can look very grim…by shifting to PAID services. This would mean a substantial tax increase and we have worked hard for years to hold the line on taxes.

You never know when a loved one could be in a crash, a neighbor’s house catch on fire, or a friend could face a medical emergency. These volunteer professionals respond to these calls along with the police department and truly make a positive impact on people’s lives. This is by far the most rewarding aspect of emergency services. 

Some parts of the country have gone to large regional paid services. But there are some inherent benefits that come automatically with local volunteers. First and foremost, our people know our people…we know our township. On so many occasions, there is an extra ‘task list’ that goes with the actual emergency responsibilities. Local volunteers become experts at helping families cope with these immediate needs during an emergency. Having local volunteers can also reduce response times. 

Maybe most importantly, having a pool of well-trained local volunteers enhances our community’s capability to deal with a major event. It is guaranteed that if a major crisis occurs, natural or man-made, a community needs resources. People will always be our greatest resource and having an extra 20 or 30 ‘veterans’ who have dealt with emergency scenes and know a thing or two about emergency medical care creates a win for our township. This same training and experience may position you to better help your own family some day.

So why not give it a try? Find out how you can help support a professional organization, your community, and yourself! We can no longer think that someone else will do it…we need YOU. Contact Point Township today - (570) 473-3198 or pointtwp@ptd.net