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Gene Powlus


Zoning-Ordinance &

Sewage Enforcement Officer

George Littlejohn


3rd Party Building Inspector

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Complete Your Building Projects the Right Way

The Point Township Zoning Officer and Northeast Inspection Consultants work in tandem to help facilitate the safe planning, inspection and completion of construction projects within Township limits.  Most projects are subject to permitting under Point Township Zoning, and safety inspections under the Uniform Construction Code.  We encourage you to contact these officials in your early planning stages to help reach your project goals on time.

Point Township Zoning, Ordinance and Sewage Enforcement Officer

Gene Powlus

759 Ridge Road

Northumberland, PA 17857

(570) 594-0952

Regular hours - Tuesdays from 3:00-6:00pm, (appointments available upon request)

Northeast Inspection Consultants

George Littlejohn

(570) 280-2111