Road & Maintenance Department


The Point Township Road & Maintenance Department is staffed by two full-time employees.  This includes the Roadmaster and a full-time laborer.  Seasonal help is also employed on an as needed basis.


The roadmaster is responsible for the maintenance, construction and repair of Township roadways and other Township owned property and facilities.

Road Constrution

The Township is currently engaged in several grant programs to complete major road repairs.  Some of these roadways will be  'FDR', or full depth reclamation.  This means a complete rebuild of the roadway and related drainage components.

Snow Removal

Township snow removal & ice control is accomplished by plowing and salt/cinder application.  This is a primary function of the road department during the winter months.  Please remember it is against the law to place 'your' snow onto public roadways.  Plowing across a public roadway is also illegal and hazardous as it leaves plow tailings that have caused motor vehicle crashes through the years.  Trust us...we know it is frustrating when you just clean the end of your driveway...and here comes the plow truck!

Leaf Pick-up

Roadside leaf pickup occurs during the fall months.  To help maintain roadside drainage, please place your leaves along the edge of your property, not on the roadway shoulder.  The Township will be working to publish a leaf pickup schedule right here on our website.